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Corporate Valuation

Corporate Valuation is a very important service that we provide to small businesses. We have a tried and true process that provides multiple services and uses along the way.

  1. We first do a Corporate Report Card for the company. This step in the process tells us where our starting point is.
  2. We then construct a detailed five year forecast showing the income statement, the balance sheet and detailed cash flow analysis. An understanding of where the company is going is critical to the usefulness of this report.
  3. Using the information above we calculate the actual valuation of the company. We use the discounted future cash flow method to calculate the value.
  4. We then generate a five year corporate report card. This report supports the valuation calculation and may give very important comparisons to the industry standards.

This process supports multiple uses such as: buying or selling a business, insurance for ongoing operations, financing opportunities, business transitions and setting new corporate directions.