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Cash Flow Manager

How is it you are told you are making money but your company never seems to have enough available money ?

How is it your sales are growing, you are keeping your expenses in line but still no cash?

How can a company go out of business when it is growing? It happens too often.

Cash Flow is the gasoline of your corporate engine.

The question is, do you know how to predict and manage it.

We have designed a product to assist you to successfully manage your cash flow.

The Cash Flow Manager is a program and a system that enables you to predict and control your cash flow now and in the future.

Here is how it works:

First we down load your historical information into our system. This gives us valuable clues as to what your collection ratios are and what cash flow problems are ahead. Upon inquiry we also input other valuable data about your company. We now have a good base to begin with.

We generate a five year plan. This plan not only shows the profit or loss of the company but specifically determines the cash position of the company for each year. Major financing strategy can now be planned.

We then generate a twelve month plan also showing detailed cash flow position of the company. With some modifications we can now accurately predict the cash position of your company every month for the next twelve months. Decisions and actions can now be taken to strengthen the cash flow of you company.

The cash flow manager can now be used and updated on a monthly basis to help you in deciding on future strategy for the company. When to buy assets. When to seek more financing. What to do about AR collections.