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Just One Hour

Virginia and I go to the island of Kauai every year for three or four weeks. On this beautiful island there is a fairly large  Animal Humane Society . They have a great facility with very good employees but they lack an adequate number of volunteers. They have a large population of stray and abandoned dogs on the island and the society struggles to find good homes for them all. Unfortunately after a period of time if a home is not found for the dog he or she could be put to sleep.  We are dog owners and dog lovers so we decided  to become volunteers and work in their dog area during our annual trip.

On our first day of volunteering Pam ( the volunteer coordinator ) asked us if we would walk some of the bigger dogs and specifically “ Tex “. Tex was a young male Golden Something who had been there a while and who had been destined for the gas chamber but Pam had rescued him from that for at least a while. He had some people scheduled to come and see him but he needed more human contact and hence Pam asked us if we could give just one hour of our time to be with him. Maybe one extra hour of our time would help Tex in his quest for a home.

So out we went into the large play area with Tex. He was very friendly and loved to play ball or any other thing we could find to throw for him. The hour went very quickly and Tex was great to be with. I could not understand why such a wonderful dog did not have a loving home.

We returned several days later to continue our dog walking. W looked for Pam but it was her day off. We went to Tex’s stall but he was not there and his name tag was taken down. We found an employee and asked Tex’s whereabouts but the employee did not know.

We were concerned.

Two days later we went back to walk dogs. Puppies this time. What an adventure. Still no sign of Tex and Pam was busy in meetings.

Days later we were back doing our thing. Still we no Tex. Then we saw Pam. We sheepishly approached her. We hesitated then asked: where is Tex.

She hesitated then with a smile said one word.


Give just one hour.